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The Marquez Knolls Property Owner’s Association Annual Meeting was held recently at the Marquez Knolls Charter Elementary School.  Arriving guests were treated to a buffet of sandwiches and dessert treats as they mingled together before the meeting commenced.

Check In with Amy Greenwood and Sylvia Boyd

More Goodies

Kurt Toppel talking with Sr. Lead Officer Mario Gonzalez
and Sr. Lead Officer Moore

Given all of the focus on Marquez Knolls power needs and the controversial plan to locate a LADWP Distribution Substation next to the elementary school, the board invited in some experts in the area of energy conservation and alternative energy to share some of their knowledge.  The State of California’s EnergyUpgradeCA.org group set up a booth to advise visitors on energy related alternatives to help lower their consumption and/or costs.  James Brennan from Open Neighborhoods gave a presentation on a wide variety of energy programs and subsidies available to residents from state and local agencies.

James was kind enough to share his presentation for the benefit of those who were not able to attend.  You can download it at:  Becoming A Net Zero Community

Laura Mack and James Brennan

EnergyUpgradeCA.org Booth

Open Neighborhoods Presentation
James Brennan from Open Neighborhoods

LAPD’s Senior Lead Officer Michael “no microphone” Moore talked about the persistent level of burglaries and break-ins in the Marquez Knolls area.  Crimes of opportunity are on the rise in the area and residents need to be vigilant.

Sr. Lead Officer Michael Moore
Eino Hill from ACS security spoke briefly about ACS’ services to the Marquez Knolls community.  Also, the MKPOA purchased a podium, having needed one for all these many years and donated it to the Marquez Charter Elementary School as a way of thanking them for allowing us the use of their auditorium for our annual meetings.  A parent from Marquez Charter Elementary accepted the donation on behalf of the school.

Eino Hill – ACS Security
We were treated to a mini recital of Chopin’s “Military Polonaise” by Marquez Knolls resident and student Evan Epstein.  He received cupcakes courtesy of Scarlett’s Cupcakes.
Evan Epstein performing Chopin

Taking a bow

Goodies for the performance
Marquez Charter Elementary student Isabella Sehidoglu read her award winning essay in response to the proposal to build a power distribution substation next to the school to an appreciative audience.

Isabella Sehidoglu
We held a logo contest and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners were recognized and rewarded.  First place went to Garrett and Whitney Yost along with a check for $100 and a certificate for one dozen Scarlett’s Cupcakes.  Second place went to Whitney Yost along with a check for $50 and a certificate for one half dozen Scarlett’s Cupcakes.  Third place went to Leak Stryer (who was not able to join us) along with a check for $25 and a certificate for three Scarlett’s Cupcakes.
Jim Rea presenting Logo Contest awards to
Whitney and Garrett Yost

Logo Contest Winners
3rd Place, 1st Place and 2nd Place

Public officials joined us as well.  Norman Kulla, Councilman Rosendahl’s Northern District Director fielded questions from the audience about the city streets, the proposed LADWP power distribution station and other matters.  Flora Gil Krisiloff, Senior Field Deputy from Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s office talked about some of the efforts to deal with the homeless in the community.

Norm Kulla from Councilman Rosendahl’s office
Flora Gil Krisiloff fron
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s Office

 Our own President, Christy Dennis presented the President’s Award to Sylvia and John Boyd for their many, many years of dedicated service to the Marquez Knolls community and the Board.

John and Sylvia Boyd receive their
President’s Award from Christy Dennis

Finally, we would like to thank Susan Payne, owner of Scarlett’s Cupcakes for the MANY cupcakes she contributed to the event, both as goodies and as awards for our various people being recognized.  Yummy!  Get your Scarlett’s Cupcakes here.

Susan Payne from Scarlett’s Cupcakes

And we would also like to thank Sue Pascoe from the Palisadian Post who served as our Scribe for the event.

Sue Pascoe, our Scribe
from the Palisadian Post

All of the photos from the event are available online at MKPOA Annual Meeting 2012.

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